1. Sarah Nightingale
    Sarah Nightingale
    Sarah is our club welfare officer
  2. Kat Aldred
    Kat Aldred
    Kat is a receptionist
  3. Tracey Baker
    Tracey Baker
    Tracey is a receptionist
  4. Cheryl Harding
    Cheryl Harding
    Club Manager Cheryl is our club manager, and takes charge of the clubs database, customer accounts, orders and managing staff. She is qualified in General Gymnastics, Women's Artistic and TeamGym.
  5. Andy Hall
    Andy Hall
    Head Coach Andy is our clubs head coach, and manages the planning and programming of all the groups at 1066. Andy has taught international performance, in Men's & Women's Artistic Gymnastics.
  6. Clare Clarke
    Clare Clarke
    Assistant Manager Clare facilitates communication between customers and coaches, and deals with membership enquiries. Clare is a international high performance coach who leads our TeamGym programme.
  7. Emily Cole
    Emily Cole
    Emily is a General Gym and Girls Competitive coach
  8. Rachel McCarthy
    Rachel McCarthy
    Rachael is a General gym coach
  9. Stephi Puri
    Stephi Puri
    Stephi is a TeamGym member, and coaches General Gym.
  10. Zander Cowley
    Zander Cowley
    Zander coaches our FreeG classes.
  11. Abbie Curd
    Abbie Curd
    Abbie is a former Women's Artistic gymnast, and now coaches our General Gym and Girls Competitive group.
  12. Ben Grabow
    Ben Grabow
    Ben is an experienced member of our team and teaches FreeG.
  13. Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell
    Tom is a former TeamGym competitor and how coaches in our TeamGym discipline.
  14. Christina Goodwin
    Christina Goodwin
    Christina coaches our youngest Women's Artistic Development group.
  15. Jake Hay
    Jake Hay
    Jake is an experienced FreeG member, and coaches our general Gym and FreeG sessions.
  16. Sam Clarke
    Sam Clarke
    Sam is a current team GB TeamGym member, and former Men's Artistic gymnast. Sam coaches our general gym and Men's Artistic Development squads.
  17. Jasmine Clarke
    Jasmine Clarke
    Jazz is a former gymnast and coaches our General Gymnastics and TeamGym athletes. She is an experienced choreographer and also helps out in PlayGym.
  18. Harry Everett
    Harry Everett
    Harry is an experienced team member at 1066 Gymnastics, and works with General Gym, Disability Gym, and our boys Competitive groups.
  19. Lewis Palmer
    Lewis Palmer
    Lewis is a former competitive TeamGym member, and has taken his knowledge and experience into coaching. Lewis coaches our Boys Competitive groups, General gym, and FreeG classes.
  20. Kara Britt
    Kara Britt
    Kara is our club choreographer. She pridcues floor and beam routines for girls in the Women's Artistic and Girls Competitive discipline. She also teaches freestyle gymnastics.
  21.  Josh Browne
    Josh Browne
    Josh is a former TeamGym gymnast, and brings his experiences into several disciplines in the club. Josh teaches General, TeamGym and Freestyle sessions.
  22. Mel Feery
    Mel Feery
    Mel is an experienced coach who specialises in pre-school and parent & toddler gymnastics sessions. Mel teaches at the club throughout the week and also plans our pre-school programmes.
  23. Louise Pickering
    Louise Pickering
    Women's Artistic Head Coach Louise manages the Women's Artistic discipline. She is responsible for all the planning, talent ID and development of the discipline. Louise also assist with the pre-school and disability classes.
  24. Luke Sherwood
    Luke Sherwood
    Coach Luke assists with equipment maintenance and health & safety of the club, and is one of our supervisors in the gym. Luke teaches General & Pre-School sessions and leads our Competitive Programmes.
  25. Jodie Noakes
    Jodie Noakes
    Assistant Head Coach Jodie manages admissions, registers, and assists with general and pre-school training programmes. Jodie teaches General & Pre-School sessions, and some of our Women's Artistic groups.

1066 Gymnastics

Welcome to 1066 Gymnastics! We are a charity based gymnastics club operating in a purpose built facility located in Bexhill-on-sea

Proudly sponsored by Granite Worktops Sussex